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If you think the benefits of living in One Oasis stops at its prime location then you are in for a big surprise. Filinvest is not just selling condo units. The company actually offers hotel-like living conditions. If you live in One Oasis, then it will make you feel as if you are in a never-ending vacation.

For starters, if you are a fitness buff, there are plenty of physical activities that you can choose from right within the condominium complex. For starters, there is a long jogging trail that meanders in between the buildings. This separate trail means you do not have to watch out for oncoming traffic and instead just concentrate on your pace. If you want to cool off while at the same time work on your full body fitness, you can head on over to the lap pool right in the middle of the compound. On the other hand, if you just want to lounge in the water, there is a larger pool right beside the lap pool. Here, you can enjoy swimming with your family and friends.

There is also a fully equipped gym in every building, so you do not even have to step out of your condo if you just want to work out and break a sweat. There are also basketball and tennis courts where you can play a couple of rounds with your buddies while also exercising your body at the same time.

Aside from the exercise facilities, there are other amenities that make the One Oasis feel more like a resort hotel rather than just a simple condominium. If you need a space where you can hold a party or a simple get together with your friends, you can rent out the clubhouse that is right beside the pool area. This way, not only will you have more than enough space for entertaining your guests. They can also partake of the swimming pool for as long as they want.

There are also a couple of miniature parks placed in the central area of the community. You can sit down in one of the benches there and just admire the trees and other plants in the landscaped gardens. There are also kiddie playgrounds there so you can take your kids with you, giving them the opportunity to play with the other children who live in the community.

Security is tight inside the One Oasis. Not only are there security personnel always on duty watching over the main entrance to the condominium complex, there are also others who are in charge in taking regular patrols in the vicinity to make sure that all of the residents are safe and sound. The security personnel hired by Filinvest are all trained professionals and adept in administering First-Aid treatment. In addition, there are CCTV cameras installed in strategic locations so there is always a watchful eye keeping tabs on all the residents.

Another neat addition in One Oasis that cannot be found in other condominium complexes is the availability of commercial units. Unlike other condominiums, the One Oasis allows commercial businesses to lease one of their Soho units so they can cater to the needs of the residents. Services ranging from convenience stores to Laundromats are all available within the community gates. You no longer have to step out of the condominium’s gates if you need anything. 

  • Multipurpose clubhouse
  • Fitness gym
  • Entertainmet area
  • Activity area
  • Tree park
  • Adult and kiddie pools
  • Basketball court
  • Jogging path
  • Grand entrance
  • Toddler playroom
  • Lap pool
  • Cascading water features
  • Play park
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